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Biodegradable plastic made of stationery into the Expo
【Global plastic net June 21, 2010 Reuters
Shanghai Expo licensed products business office said as of mid-March, the Expo licensed products sales reached 80 billion, it is hoped that more than 20 billion yuan sales target . The organizers, manufacturers and sales channels together, the current range of licensed products Expo and Expo from related arts and crafts, gifts and daily necessities to expand to a total of 29 categories, including categories related to daily life accounted for more than 60%. Expo has 300 licensed products manufacturer, has developed nearly 7,000 models to market. Before the opening of the Expo is expected to accumulated nearly 10,000 kinds of products will be introduced.
Expo licensed products so much, what consumers really popular varieties of what? This reporter has learned that part of the Chinese traditional culture, Shanghai Shanghai culture, daily life elements and elements of the Expo Expo licensed products, most consumers. Hundred shops in the city's flagship store, the reporter saw many Expo licensed products and practical set of culture in one, there are printed patterns on the major poker venues Expo, refrigerator, cushions, table linen, there can be removed educational toys for children assembled there naive Treasure as a decorated pencil case, paper clip, eraser, pad and other stationery. It is worth mentioning that a number of innovative products such as sensor lights, night lights, solar key ring, use recycled paper or biodegradable plastic, stationery, etc., have fully demonstrated the Shanghai World Expo, "low carbon" concept.
In addition, with "EXPO2010" words, China Pavilion design, Treasure Expo design elements such as traditional Chinese crafts, such as Teapot, craft pottery, scarves, also by consumers. At the press interview, a visit from an old Chinese American Hui Hu, once bought dozens of the China Pavilion logo printed scarves. She said: "I have several relatives in the United States, 90 years old, could run one, I put the Expo scarf to take home, but also allow them to share Shanghai's glory, the glory of the motherland."
It is reported that, although the Expo licensed products manufacturers recruitment will be terminated after the park opened the Expo, but the Expo licensed products will continue to expand retail outlets. Even after the park opened the Expo, qualified powerful retailers, can participate in the Expo licensed products.