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    Changzhou Zhilin Plastic CO.,Ltd has been committing to the development and design of plastic spool since its establishment. There are various automatic, high precision plastic injection machines and dozens of accessory equipments and our products have won no less than thirty national patents. Our company has become a high-tech enterprise that engaged in the development, design, production and sale of all kinds of plastic products.
    The products we have are divided into plastic spools and high precision injection products.The plastic spools have three products series which with nearly hundreds items, including cable processing bobbins(PN series), metal wires processing reels(PC series) and product delivery spools(PL series). These products are widely used for electric wires&cables, optic fiber cables,data communication cables,copper conductors, and other metal wire industries. We have made friendly cooperation relationship with thousands of cable manufactures and equipment suppliers both at home and abroad.
    “Rely on the talents, keep on innovating” is our philosophy.
    In 2008, we successfully designed the new structure of product delivery spools and got dozens of national patents . There are many benefits of using this kind of spools, such as convenient transport, low breakage rate, small space and reuse.
    In 2010, we successfully developed Microporous foam injection molding technology, for which we have won more than twenty national patents. This technology breaks through many limitations of the traditional injection technology, such as it can significantly reduce products weight, shorten molding cycle,improve the warping and stability of products. This technology is especially superior in making  products of high precision and quality. Our company has applied this technology to the manufacture of plastic spools and high precision injection products.
    Creat the future with wisdom, serve the society with integrity. The people in Zhilin are endeavoring to search a way to become the first class high-tech enterprise with wisdom and efforts.